FAIRFIELD - Local nonprofit organizations are voicing disappointment over General Electric's decision to move its headquarters to Boston.

The company made large charitable donations over the years. 

Donations included direct grants and matching gifts, which are pledges to match other donations. 

Officials with the Stamford Public School District say GE gave them $25 million over five years to fund achievements in science and math.

"We were disappointed to hear they were leaving the state," says Michael Fernandes, the assistant superintendent of secondary schools. "However, we are forever grateful for the support and the resources they've provided the Stamford public schools over the years."

Fernandes says that he expects the positive impacts of GE's donations to last for years to come.

The CEO of Optimus Health Care says its clinics received $350,000 for three years in Stamford and Bridgeport. The money helped fund medical services for people who could not afford to pay.