NORWALK - Employees from a Norwalk-based renewable-energy company recently returned from a trip to Brazil where they spent four days replanting trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Veridian Energy, which was founded two years ago, supplies its thousands of customers with electricity from renewable sources. Michael Fallquist, the founder and CEO of Veridian Energy, hopes to visit the seven continents in seven years, promoting renewable energy. He said the idea behind the service project is creating a tangible impact, as opposed to just buying green energy like the company provides.

"When you're actually able to put something tangible behind it and get out there and do good with the people you work so hard with everyday, that's the most rewarding part for me," said Fallquist.

Thirty-five employees from Veridian traveled to Brazil to plant trees in decimated areas of the rainforest. Fallquist said he hopes to visit Africa early next year, to bring solar energy to villages without electricity.