NORWALK - Parents protested today in front of Norwalk anti-poverty agency NEON after learning the agency's child care program had suddenly closed.

NEON officials announced the child care program will remain closed while they investigate funding and management of the agency.

Officials say the agency's interim director, Chiquita Stephenson, had failed to provide answers as to why NEON was late on its payroll, which they say led to the interruption of NEON's most critical social services.

After the initial protest, some parents went directly to the NEON board with their concerns. The board was at the NEON-run Nathaniel Ely School to make an announcement about the future of Stephenson.  They say that Chiquita has taken an unpaid leave of absence effective immediately.

The NEON board will meet Thursday to make a decision on the future of the agency's child care program.