NORWALK - People in Norwalk on Sunday took part in a growing gaming phenomenon that is catching the interest of kids and adults of all ages: Pokemon Go.

The rabidly popular mobile game is a scavenger hunt of sorts, where players use their phones to find virtual items by exploring the real world. St. Paul's on the Green, an Episcopalian church, invited players to a party where they got the chance to catch Pokemon.

Organizers say that near the church there are two "Pokestops," which are areas that can be visited to gain items in the location-based game. The church is also reportedly one of the game's "gyms," which are the only places where players can battle or train their Pokemon.

Organizers also say it's great that technology is bringing people together.

"If you look around here today, people are talking to each other about what Pokemon they've caught, they're exchanging tips on how to play the game, so it’s actually doing a little of what church does, which is fostering community," said Assistant Rector Peter Thompson.