NORWALK - A Norwalk city councilman and former world champion boxer is facing criminal charges following a brawl.

Police charged Travis Simms with assaulting another man at a birthday party early Sunday morning.

Police have released body camera video of the arrest. In it, Simms tells officers he had nothing to do with the fight. He insists that the other man, who is also charged with assault, attacked his own relatives.

The video does not show any of the melee, nor does it show the "chaos" officers say they encountered upon arrival. The body camera video is edited, police say, at the direction of the State's Attorney's Office since anything prior to the arrest is part of the investigation.

According to police reports, Simms threatened to attack one officer and have him fired. The reports also allege that Simms' wife said she hopes an officer gets shot.

Simms' lawyer says he wants to know whether an officer unfairly targeted the councilman because of a prior arrest, of which he was later acquitted. He goes on to say that were there any bias in the arrest, they "will seek a civil rights remedy in federal court immediately."

Simms' first court appearance is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 18.