NORWALK - Looking for a Christmas utopia without leaving the area? Then look no further than the Setti home at 6 Midwood Road in Norwalk.

The Settis start planning and working on the winter wonderland after Labor Day. The couple says they have been entertaining people for almost 20 years.

?Right now there are 99,970 lights up,? Rick Setti says, of his holiday display.

With the help of friends and relatives, Rick and Joan Setti transform their home and yard into a Christmas spectacular by Thanksgiving.

?We calculated with our sign-in book, approximately 15,000 people visited [this year],? Joan Setti says.

The Settis say they put up the lights and decorations every year to bring people hope and cheer.

According to the Settis, their electric bill is more than $3,000 for the month of December.