NORWALK - The Norwalk Department of Public Works says it's been a "busier than usual" pothole repair season so far.

Snow and ice has been wreaking havoc on the roads, and has made it a particularly bad year for potholes.

Hal Alvord, who has been heading up the Norwalk Department of Public Works for more than 10 years, says crews dump salt on the roads every time it snows. The salt melts the snow, which fills in cracks on the road with icy water. When the water refreezes and expands in those cracks, a pothole is created.

"I think there's a general belief, as unreal as it might be, that the minute a pothole pops up, we should be right there patching it, and of course that's just not reality at all," says Alvord. "We have 255 miles of road in the City of Norwalk."

Norwalk could have more even more potholes to deal with after snow hits the area on Thursday.