NORWALK - A group of Norwalk residents spoke out Friday against a proposal to build a wholesale store in the city.

Members of the Norwalk Coalition for Sensible Development say the space on Main Avenue between Perry Avenue and Broad Street is too small to build a BJ's wholesale store. The group met on Aiken Street to encourage others to join its cause.

Members say they support plans to put new businesses on the site, but that this store will do more harm than good.

An attorney for BJ's tells News 12 that the property is a superfund site, meaning it's been marked by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a hazardous waste site. The attorney says building a BJ's will put the land back to use.

There will be a public hearing held next Thursday evening at City Hall. Both sides will make their case before the zoning commission, and then the commission will have about two months to make a decision.