NORWALK - The attorney for a Norwalk man hospitalized after he was arrested by Norwalk police claims his client is the victim of police brutality.

Cody Greene was in court today on charges relating to marijuana and resisting arrest.

His attorney says the 21-year-old former Marine was punched in the face at least 10 times by Norwalk police last month. Michael Skiber says Greene was in intensive care for four days with a broken jaw and memory loss after being rendered unconscious.

Norwalk police say Greene was injured during a scuffle with officers after he ran off when they tried to stop and search him. They say several officers were hurt and two hospitalized from the incident with Greene.

The police chief has said they are investigating the incident and at this point, it appears the officers did not use excessive force.To hear extended interviews on the alleged brutality, click on iO Extra on Channel 612.

3 Norwalk officers hurt while chasing suspect