NORWALK - A Norwalk man discovered and returned a class ring lost more than 50 years ago to its rightful owner. Dan Godleski, of Norwalk, enjoys looking for sunken treasure with his metal detector. The 74-year-old says his most extraordinary find, though, was locating the owner of a gold class ring he recently found on St. Paul's on the Green. The Norwalk High School class of 1953 ring bares the owner's initials, so Godleski went to the school's library and searched the 1953 yearbook for a name to match them. Luckily, he says only one person had the same initials as the ones inscribed on the ring. Godleski says the owner had given the ring to his wife to wear before they got married. The couple says Godleski's gesture of returning the ring has restored their faith in human nature.