NORWALK - A beloved supermarket in Norwalk's Cranbury neighborhood is back in business Saturday after shutting its doors in November.

The supermarket, formally known as Gregory's Market, has been in the Cranbury section of the city since 1844. It is now called Cranbury Market and its reopening was highly anticipated.

"I'm delighted," says one shopper. "What can I tell you? I miss this store."

Warm greetings were in abundance at the market. Faithful customers who shopped at the former Gregory's for years were happy to see the new Cranbury Market open for business.

Some longtime employees say Saturday was the day they've been waiting for, a day to see familiar customers once again.

Steven Gribosky, who works in the meat department and is known affectionately as the "Mayor of Cranbury," greeted many of the returning customers.

"A lot of people are coming back because of the people who used to work here," Gribosky says. "So hopefully, they'll keep coming back."