SOUTH NORWALK - Norwalk Mayor Dick Moccia says hailing a cab at the South Norwalk train station is about to get a little easier.

Moccia says three different cab companies currently have cabs waiting in a disorganized fashion, creating an unsafe environment for both cabbies and commuters. Moccia says with a new system set to start Monday, cabs will be lined up in an orderly fashion and directed to their next fare.

The plan calls for a guard to make sure cabs are lined up in order. The guard will summon one cab after another to pick up available fares. According to Moccia, a similar system is used at Grand Central Station in New York City. Moccia adds that the new system will cut the need to compete between cab drivers.Moccia insists the new guards will not cost Norwalk taxpayers. According to the mayor, guard salaries will come out of the Norwalk Parking Authority?s existing budget as the department made a slight profit this year.