NORWALK - Norwalk police are stepping up patrols in the West Rocks Road area after a number of vehicles were broken into Thursday night.

Several Caddy Road homeowners say they woke up Friday to find car windows smashed and items missing from their vehicles. Jennifer Lopez, who recently moved to the area with her husband, is unnerved by the crime.

"We just moved there about six months ago ? I don't feel secure anymore," she says. Her husband's wallet and a number of sweaters are among the items stolen from the cars.

Lopez's neighbor, Kristen Lake, also fell victim to the break-ins. Lake is surprised someone would target the neighborhood.

"We actually have a police officer living right down the street from us," she says. "You'd think they'd stay away from the neighborhood where there's a police officer living."

Authorities are advising residents to park inside their garages or to remove valuables before leaving cars on the street.