NORWALK - Parents in Norwalk told News 12 that they are worried about their children walking to and from school with the sidewalks still blanketed by feet of snow.

The most concerning area is on Highland Avenue and Highland Court, where three schools are located. They say their children can't walk through the snow still resting on the sidewalk, which forces them to walk in the streets.

They worry the slippery conditions could affect a driver's ability to avoid hitting a child walking to or from one of the schools.

Mayor Harry Rilling says the city has had about 55 inches of snow this winter and even though it is usually up to the homeowner to clear the walks, some areas fall under the responsibility of the state.

Rilling says he called the Department of Public Works to send someone to look at the situation and determine who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks. He also says he will try to implement a service program next winter so volunteers can help clear sidewalks.