NORWALK - Many parents whose kids attended Head Start in Norwalk are wondering if their children will have a program to go to on Monday.

Parents say they are anxious about what will happen after the Head Start program at the anti-poverty agency NEON was suspended on Thursday.

Nicole Derry says she was left with a mess when the federal government appointed a Colorado agency to take over Head Start. She said this morning that she was still unsure as to whether or not her child has a place to go tomorrow.

Derry says many parents can't afford to lose their job or take off because their children have no one to watch them.

Former NEON board member John Mosby says the NEON leadership needs to be reorganized. Meanwhile, Norwalk mayor Dick Moccia says there is dysfunction at NEON that must be addressed, such as the lack of reporting, the lack of accountability and the alleged nepotism in hiring and salary.

NEON's interim Director Chiquita Stephenson rebutted Mayor Moccia's statements by noting that all of his accusations have been appealed. She also says that it will be business as usual on Monday for all of the children enrolled in the Head Start program.

The program will be operating on a temporary basis thanks to emergency private funding.