NORWALK - Norwalk police are investigating a resurgence of possible gang activity following a string of shootings that has left one person dead and two hospitalized within the past week. Authorities say at least three shots were fired at 24-year-old Ibo Boone as he walked out of an Ely Avenue liquor store Friday. A gunman also opened fire yesterday at an apartment on Chestnut Street. Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling says last week's fatal shooting of 20-year-old Joseph Bateman is likely to blame for the crimes and that all are related to several violent acts dating back to 2008. Investigators say Boone is expected to recover, but is not cooperating with authorities. Anyone with information is asked to call Norwalk police at 203-854-3000.To see extended footage of the Norwalk shooting investigation, click on iO Extra on Channel 612.

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