NORWALK - Police say a toddler is safe after she got ahold of a set of keys and accidently locked herself inside a car.

Investigators say Officer Jeremy Salley broke the car's window Friday to rescue the 1-year-old girl at approximately 11:30 a.m. at the Rowayton Library.

Police say the child was playing with a set of keys when she accidently locked herself inside of her nanny's BMW. The caretaker immediately called 911 for help, according to authorities.

Librarian Christina Anzalone says she tried to keep the nanny calm as they waited for first responders.

Salley told News 12 he's been a volunteer firefighter since he was a teenager and that he knew how to handle the situation due to his experience in the field.

The officer says he had a window puncher in his patrol car, an item that's not usually carried by officers. He used the device to safely remove the window.

Officials say Salley had to crawl into the window's opening and physically hand the toddler back to her caretaker.

Police say the child had been sweating and was flushed, but is OK.

Salley is being called a hero for rescuing the toddler, but he says it was just the luck of the draw that he was the responding officer.