NORWALK - Norwalk police say their zero tolerance traffic enforcement program, known as "Slow Down Days," went into effect Wednesday - the first day of summer vacation in schools.

Police say as a part of the campaign, more officers will be patrolling the city, including streets surrounding Jefferson Elementary School on Van Buren Avenue, where drivers tend to speed.

Lt. Paul Resnick says officers will pay greater attention to red light or stop sign violations, loud mufflers and talking on cell phones while driving.

The campaign was designed to promote public safety as children begin their summer vacation. Resnick says the campaign will culminate with a big operation.

"This Saturday evening, June 21, we will be having a DUI checkpoint on West Avenue in the evening hours rolling over into the early morning hours,? Resnick says.

According to law enforcement officials, speeding is a contributing factor in one-third of all fatal accidents on the nation's roads.