NORWALK - Norwalk police say they are currently unable to confirm if a teenager shot in the face New Year's Day is telling the truth about where the shooting occurred.

According to authorities, Joseph Bateman, 19, reported being shot in the face while sitting in a car on Stevens Street. However, police say no one in the surrounding area can confirm hearing a gunshot and say that there are no witnesses to the crime.

Norwalk resident Amos Brown Sr. claims Bateman wasn't shot at that location and is concealing the truth to honor the "no-snitch code" gang members rely upon to intimidate people into silence.

Brown says Bateman was a witness to the murder of his son, Amos Brown, Jr., last year. He says Bateman was targeted and isn't telling the truth about where he was shot out of fear of further gang reprisals.

Police say Bateman was only superficially injured and was released from the hospital within hours of driving himself there.

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