NORWALK - Democratic and Republican registrars of voters in Norwalk say they're grateful that their Election Day went so smooth compared to the chaos that went on in Bridgeport yesterday.

Norwalk Democratic registrar Stuart Wells and Republican registrar Karen Doyle Lyons say there is a lot of pressure on those in their position to keep within their budget and that sometimes it has a detrimental effect on the election.

They say it is not uncommon for registrars to make an estimate of how many voters are expected and base the number of ballots on that number rather than how many residents are registered to vote. Mayor Bill Finch has blamed the problems on the city's registrars, who ordered 21,000 ballots for the city's 69,000 registered voters. Twelve polling locations stayed open until 10 p.m. due to the problem.

Panel to investigate Bridgeport ballot shortages