NORWALK - A group of Norwalk homeowners say they are concerned about planned changes to a halfway house in their neighborhood.

The facility located at 17 Quintard Ave. was known since the 1970s as Pivot House, but had been purchased by a company based in Pennsylvania. It used to serve men with substance abuse problems, but will now house residents who have served time in federal prisons.

Neighbors say they want to know how many people will live in the house at a time and what kinds of criminal histories residents may have. They add that they trusted and knew Pivot House, but are now worried about the changes.

A spokesperson for the new owner, Firetree, says that while the majority of residents will have substance abuse issues, it's not a requirement to live there. The spokesperson adds that the halfway house will hold up to 19 residents and a number of staff members, which is the same amount that Pivot House was permitted to hold.

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling says residents should not be frightened about the change of ownership. The only approval required for the new house, Rilling says, was permits for the renovations done to the property because it was already zoned for such a facility.