NORWALK - Many residents continue to put the pieces of their lives back together nearly one year after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the area.

Some houses in Norwalk have been repaired, while others still have a long road to recovery. Homeowners are still fighting through red tape between FEMA local requirements and their insurance companies.

Norwalk resident Trevor Caplan says the water damage inflicted up his family's home is equally noticable now as it was a year ago. He says no one in his family has been able to live in the house, which belongs to his parents, since the storm hit.

Resident Sheila Teed's home wrapped construction just this past summer, and she says they have been very fortunate. She says they lost the entire first floor of the house, and their deck was ripped off entirely.

The residents still waiting for aid are hoping that the bevy of construction and house-raising will be complete within the next few months.

Oct. 29 will mark one year since Superstorm Sandy hit.