NORWALK - It may not be hot enough to fry an egg in Norwalk, but the current heat wave has sent many local residents to the surf and sand to cool off.

?We just wanted to get the breeze before it gets too packed and just enjoy this beautiful summer weather," says Chris Evans of East Norwalk.

The 90-degree-plus temperatures also didn't stop golfers at Oak Hill Golf Course from teeing it up.

?I'm a die hard. I love playing so you know you got to play in this weather if you play golf,? says A.J. Berglund of Norwalk.

Dan Goodnow of Norwalk has some suggestions for staying cool out on the golf course.

?Stay in the cart, keep in the shade and drink a lot of water - that's all I do," he says.

While local residents try to stay cool, veterinarians at Norwalk?s VCA veterinary referral and emergency center want dog owners to not forget about ?man's best friend."

?A little water on the paws, or anything like that can help,? says Dr. Leah Stern. ?As well, if you think your pet is in trouble, you can call a heatstroke emergency center to get tips on how to cool off your pet.?