NORWALK - A plan to replace the railroad draw bridge over the Norwalk River has left some business owners unhappy.

An official from the state Department of Transportation, which is behind the project, says it calls for some property acquisitions. 

While some commuters say they're pleased that the bridge will be replaced, business owners in the surrounding area say they're not happy about losing property as a result of it. 

The owner of Ship's Store says he has to be out of the area by December despite state officials saying the replacement project isn't slated to begin until 2018.

Officials say the bridge has gone through mechanical failures in the past and has become stuck in an open position, causing some major delays and headaches for commuters. They say they will continue to hold public informational meetings to keep residents updated on their progress.

The stretch is part of one of the busiest rail corridors in the country. Officials say the Northeast Corridor has about 125,000 passengers passing through the section every day.

The bridge is 120 years old and 20 years beyond its designed life expectancy.