NORWALK - Norwalk police are searching for a suspect in the shooting of a Bridgeport teenager, which happened on Flax Hill Road late Tuesday night.

Police say the 18-year-old victim was shot just before midnight. So far, they haven?t determined a motive for the shooting.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was taken to Norwalk Hospital suffering from a non-life threatening wound. Investigators interviewed him as he was being treated, but authorities have not released what information the victim gave them.

Following the incident, police blocked off a portion of Flax Hill Road to look for evidence and interview witnesses.

"I heard a couple, seven-eight shots," says resident David Leon. "I thought maybe it was because of 4th of July fireworks."

The shooting marks the latest incident of gun violence to hit Norwalk this year, and police say they are concerned about the trend even though there has been an overall decrease in crime throughout the city.

"We've seen a decrease, however, anytime you see this kind of thing happen, you become concerned," says Deputy Chief of Norwalk Police Thomas Kulhawik.

People who live in the neighborhood describe it as a quiet one, but now many are concerned about crime in the area.

"It's a problem to me because I live here," Leon says. "I walk my dog, and it worries me a lot that this is going on."

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Norwalk police at 203-854-3011.