STAMFORD - A jury acquitted a Norwalk teen Friday of murder charges stemming from a January 2008 stabbing.

The jury decided 17-year-old Amos Brown Jr. acted in self-defense when he stabbed and killed 17-year-old Tykwan Hunt at a party in Norwalk.

The defense attorneys argued Brown stabbed Hunt after Hunt threatened him with a gun, while the prosecution contended Hunt was stabbed in retaliation for another violent act.

Brown?s father says he fears others will want to retaliate against his son now that he has been acquitted.

?Well if we stay here, they'll ambush us,? says Amos Brown, Sr. ?I got 40 years here and I'm very happy with my life here in Connecticut, been very good to me, but for him to have a life I would have to take him away.?

Brown's attorney, Howard Ehring, says he's happy about the verdict and is confident the gang activity surrounding this case will be handled by police.