NORWALK - A Norwalk woman is facing charges after she allegedly attacked her neighbor with a shovel in a snow fight of a different kind.

Police arrested Clara Nelson, 57, Monday morning after she allegedly struck her neighbor in the face with a snow shovel during an argument over snow removal. Nelson says the incident wasn't the first time she and her neighbor exchanged words over snow removal.

Nelson says she had just finished clearing her property on Monday when her neighbor starting tossing snow into her yard. Nelson says she asked her neighbor to stop, but words were exchanged. Nelson says she told her neighbor that she would use the shovel against her if she didn't stop, but the neighbor laughed the threat off, according to Nelson.

"I just had it," says Nelson, who admits to hitting her neighbor with the shovel. "We went falling down in the snow," she says of the fight.

Police arrested Nelson. Her neighbor, who wouldn't speak with News 12 about the incident, was taken to a hospital.

Nelson faces assault charges and is expected in court next week.