BRIDGEPORT - Several nurses that work for the city of Bridgeport are trying to figure out how to save the services they provide if the mayor?s proposed budget is approved.

Along with a tax increase, services such as school health clinics will be cut under Mayor Bill Finch?s proposal. One public health nurse says with the cut backs, each school may only have a part-time nurse, if that. According to the plan, dental hygienists at the schools would also be eliminated.

Finch says there are places families can go for health care, either Optimis or the Southwest Community Health Center. He says he is meeting with both groups to figure out how to implement their services in schools if the budget cuts become a reality.

?Our federally qualified heath care services in the city of Bridgeport are better than most of our doctor?s offices and they are phenomenal,? Finch says.

According to Finch, if he continued spending at the rate of the prior administration, the city would end up $35 million in debt this year.

A public hearing on the proposal will be held Wednesday in the Council Chamber of Bridgeport City Hall at 6 p.m.

Bridgeportmayor's budget calls for 9 percent tax hike