STRATFORD - A local utility worker says he had a frightening run-in with a Stratford police officer while on the job.

Evroy Morrison works for Tru-Check, a contractor for the Southern Connecticut Gas Company.

Morrison says he was reading gas meters Monday morning in Stratford as usual, but one resident wasn't aware he was coming to her house.

Police say the woman screamed when she saw Morrison outside and called them to report a robbery.

Officers arriving at the scene say they found Morrison dressed in all black and combat boots, not in any company uniform.

Morrison says one of the officers drew his weapon, which has been confirmed by Stratford police. Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour says the department is investigating the case.

When asked about the protocol regarding an officer's use of guns, Ridenhour told News 12 that it depends on the threat level.

An official with Tru-Check says workers must wear their yellow company shirt or a safety vest.