HARTFORD - Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz held a press conference today to say she is still unable to declare an official winner in the race between Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy for governor.

Bysiewicz said official numbers from all cities and towns were due by 6 p.m. yesterday, but she is still waiting for the official results from Bridgeport.  Byciewicz also said it's not uncommon for larger cities to miss the deadline.

The secretary of the state declared Malloy the unofficial winner yesterday. She had said she believes he is the new governor by 3,103 votes.

The official results from the other 168 municipalities have Foley with nearly 557,000 votes and Malloy with more than 548,000, giving Foley an 8,400 vote lead.  However, that number is without any votes from Bridgeport.

Bysiewicz has said she stands by her unofficial declaration yesterday that Malloy will be declared the official winner by a comfortable margin.

Secretary of the State town by town vote totals in Governor's race

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