WILTON - Despite Tuesday's rain, Aquarion Water Company and local officials are reminding residents that water levels in area reservoirs are lower than normal.

First Selectman Bill Brennan has been stressing the message to residents for weeks.

Experts put the water level at the Saugatuck Reservoir in Fairfield County at 5-6 inches below normal.

Town officials say everyone must do their part to conserve water.

Aquarion issued a release Tuesday reminding people to be mindful of their water use. This includes taking shorter showers, shutting off sprinklers and hand-washing dishes.

Experts tell News 12 that bigger reservoirs will require a lot more rainfall for them to return to normal levels.

Aquarion employees say it doesn't help that water usage is 12.2 percent higher this time of year than it was last year.

"It's better to get an inch at a time so that way it can slowly get into the ground and slowly make its way to the reservoirs," says Denise Savageau, a conservation director in Greenwich. "Much better to get an inch this week, an inch next week, rather than get it all at once."