NORWALK - City officials say they may close Westmere Bridge while it's under construction because people are using it to jump into Farm Creek.

The bridge is on Bluff Avenue in Rowayton and gives access to Bell Island.

City officials say the bridge has been under construction for more than a month. They say young people have been jumping off the bridge, and it's a dangerous activity that should be stopped--especially while the bridge is under construction.

Director of Public Works Hal Alvord says they have asked the community to stop this activity, but they haven't listened. He also says the Sixth Taxing District Commission is going to get the word out to the community to stop the jumping and even have someone patrol the bridge.

City officials say they are going to give it until early next week. If there is no change, they plan to close the bridge entirely until construction is complete. They say the work is scheduled to be done by fall, but it could be longer.