WESTPORT - Westport officials are considering a new proposal that would limit how close to the water drivers can park at Compo Beach.

The plan could eliminate all the parking directly along the beach and replace it with sand or grass.

Many residents park along the Westport beach to enjoy the view, and say they are not happy with the proposal. One resident says that it would pose a problem for families and seniors who would struggle to walk from a proposed central parking lot.

Andy Moss, chair of the Compo Beach Improvement Committee, says these are just concepts and ideas, and that nothing has been decided. The committee's Compo Beach 2.0 website includes multiple drafts and designs, and encourages people to weigh in.

The committee hopes to present the town with a baseline plan this summer, and plans to work from there to develop a long-range plan. Moss says the beach area hasn't seen any major investments in the past 30 years.