STRATFORD - Local, state and federal officials announced Monday that they have agreed on the basics of a plan to clean up what is left of the heavily polluted Raymark industrial site in Stratford.

The site, which has been described as an environmental priority for the region, has sat mired in government red tape for decades. Those behind the plan say even a bare-bones agreement is significant.

Officials say the cleanup will involve both the Raymark site and other properties contaminated by the lead, asbestos and heavy metals that had been dumped there for years. They say agreements have been made to remove half the waste, while the rest will be capped, with steps taken to protect residents in the process.

The people behind this plan include Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, and Stratford Mayor John Harkins. They acknowledge that there has been no agreement on details. The Environmental Protection Agency will come up with details by the end of the year, following public hearings.

Officials claim there isn't enough money for the cleanup, however, saying it will cost $100 million. They say the Republicans who control Congress haven't put anything close to that amount in their spending plan for next year.