NORWALK - A new report released Tuesday highlights what some believe is racial profiling used by police.

Lawmakers in Hartford got their first look Tuesday at one of the nation's largest reports on racial profiling. For the study, researchers looked at more than 600,000 traffic stops all across the state.

In some towns, the study found that minorities are much more likely to get pulled over.

There are a lot of statistics involved, but study authors singled out a few police departments for pulling over a particularly high number of minority drivers - including Stratford, Darien and Waterbury.  

In Stratford, the study says 47 percent of traffic stops were minorities. Orange and Woodbridge also ranked higher than the statewide average.

"We have zero tolerance for discrimination. That's not our code, that's not our oath of office. That's not how we conduct business" said Andrew Matthews, of the Connecticut State Police Union.

Police officials say that they want to see if the numbers in the new report are accurate.