WESTPORT - Westport fire officials warned the public Wednesday of a high fire danger alert.

They say below-normal rain levels and dry conditions are making it very favorable for brush fires.

Officials say they responded to a reported explosion near the Metro-North overpass on Compo Road South Wednesday afternoon that sparked a fire. They say an energized line caused the brush and some railroad ties along the tracks to ignite.

Eversource had to shut off power and train traffic was interrupted until the fire could be put out, according to officials.

They say fires can become more common along the Metro-North tracks because train wheels cause sparks that can start brush fires.

Deputy Fire Chief Robert Kepchar says residents need to be vigilant.

"Everything is very dried out," he says. "You notice your grass is burned out in a lot of areas and so that makes everything very tindery and ready to be ignited. You've got to be very careful with any kind of materials that would have a flame or a spark."

Kepchar also advises people to be careful with fireworks over the July 4 holiday weekend.