ORANGE - A neighbor who risked his life to pull a man out of a burning home in Orange Thursday says he?s no hero, but the man he saved begs to differ.

Michael Mizzone, a former volunteer Stratford EMT, says he just reacted to the situation in front of him. He ran to Josef Bruckuf?s home at 8-14 Riverside Drive when he saw the house was on fire. He says he yelled through the door for his neighbor. When he entered the house, he found Bruckuf passed out on the kitchen floor and dragged him outside.

Both men were taken to the hospital for treatment while firefighters put out the blaze. Mizzone was treated for smoke inhalation, while Bruckuf is listed in critical condition at the burn unit of Bridgeport hospital.

"Well I don't know that I saved a life,? Mizzone says. ?I just feel bad for the family and I just hope that my community just keeps Joe in their prayers at this time ? he's in grave condition as it is.?

Fire officials say the fire was accidental, but they're still investigating.