BRIDGEPORT - Three months after 49 people were fatally shot in a Florida nightclub, two survivors of the attack brought a strong gun control message to Bridgeport on Sunday.

Community activist Wayne Winston invited 20-year-old Patience Carter and 21-year-old Tiara Parker, both of Philadelphia, to the Park City.

Both women were shot in Orlando's Pulse Nightclub on June 12.

"You know, I was running and screaming, trying to run from the gunshots," Parker says. "But when I was hit, I couldn't even do all the yelling and screaming that I was doing before."

Parker was initially able to escape the nightclub safely but was shot multiple times when she went back in to rescue Carter.

"When the gunman came in the bathroom and started shooting, obviously that's when it became more real," Parker says.

Mayor Joe Ganim presented both women with keys to the city, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal honored them for their heroism and activism in a ceremony.

"It is inspiring to see these kinds of individuals in the fight against gun violence," he says.

Both Parker and Carter say tougher gun laws will keep tragedies like the one they were a part of from happening again.