DARIEN - Burglars broke into a Darien deli and stole nearly $2,000 from an ATM, police say.

The owner of Abello's Deli on Tokoneke Road says he arrived last week to find his store's ATM missing and a hole in the ceiling.

Brian Abel says he thinks the thieves used a ladder to climb onto the roof and enter from above. Once inside, they detached the cash machine from the floor and broke it open inside the walk-in refrigerator, which negates most sound to the outside.

The burglars finally triggered the alarm when they exited out of the deli's side door, Abel says.

According to Abel, about $1,700 was stolen from the ATM. He does not plan to get another machine.

Police have not named any suspects, but the store owner provided investigators with surveillance video of the incident.

He says he believes that the intruders had previously visited the deli to plot the elaborate burglary.