BRIDGEPORT - Parents at Fairchild Wheeler Magnet School in Bridgeport are voicing their concern after a video surfaced showing a fight at the school this week.

Bridgeport's Board of Education and Sheriff Steve Nelson spent hours Friday mediating the disagreement that sparked the confrontation, officials say.

Nelson says he sat down with two high school students who started a fight over the recent slaying Kahlil Diaz, 17. The students ended by shaking hands and calling a truce.

Authorities say the video shows students fighting with each other and with school security officers. No one was seriously hurt in the brawl.

Parents tell News 12 Connecticut their primary concern at this point is not what led to the fight, but preventing similar incidents on campus in the future.

One parent says her 17-year-old daughter was suspended for 10 days as a result of the fight. She says she disagrees with the school's decision because her daughter, like several other students, was a victim of the mob violence.

Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz says she has added extra security guards at Fairchild Wheeler and will make voluntary counseling available to students to help them deal with the recent slaying and with the fights it triggered.