WESTPORT - A Westport couple criticized the local school district Friday for what they say was an inadequate response to bullying that led to a Staples High School student's death.

While some residents blame cyberbullying as the cause of 14-year-old Christopher Lanni's death last month, police say they have not found evidence of it in the case.

Lanni's parents wrote a letter to the superintendent asking for a district investigation into the bullying allegations, and parents have joined them in condemning the district's response.

Warren and Melissa Shapiro say they've approached school officials about bullying in the past, when their own son was a victim.

The Shapiros accuse the district of worrying more about public image and lawsuits than addressing the bullying problem, and are demanding the district admit that bullying is a problem within its schools.

Westport's superintendent says the district is working closely with police in Lanni's case.

School board members have not yet replied to News 12 requests for comment on the issue.