STRATFORD - Some parents say they were angered to hear that the mother of a student at a Stratford school showed up wearing a gun.

According to police, the woman got a phone call to go to Wooster Middle School to pick up her child. She told police that she forgot she was wearing a gun on her belt at the time.

Officials say school staff immediately noticed the gun and followed protocol by escorting the woman into the school's secure lobby. The school resource officer was then called, and the woman was questioned by police.

The mother was cooperative, but officials say that all gun owners must be aware of the law. 

Parents in the district found out about the incident on Wednesday. 

Police say it's against the law for gun owners to enter school property while carrying a firearm. It's also illegal for someone to even park their car on school property while a gun is stowed inside.

The state will now look over the case to determine whether the parent's gun permit should be revoked.