BRIDGEPORT - Parents of students at a Bridgeport charter school say they may have to change schools because of a plan to adjust dismissal times.

A recent change moved the dismissal time ahead two hours. As a result, the end time for the after-school program at New Beginnings Family Academy was moved from 5:45 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

The move means working parents would have to pick up their children at a time when many are still at work.

An online petition now has more than 100 signatures of people demanding that the school change the dismissal time back.

The head of the school, Ronnele Swagerty, says shortening the school day is one of the most progressive trends in early education. Swagerty says the change is partly the result of a survey taken by parents.  However, some parents argue they were unaware of possible changes.

The parents tell News 12 Connecticut that they plan to present their petition at a school board meeting Tuesday. They hope the petition will get the board’s attention and get the decision reversed.