NORWALK - Parents are pushing for Connecticut to pass legislation that will give children access to medical marijuana.

Ella Wright suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. The 5-year-old's epilepsy is so severe that doctors sometimes must induce a coma to control her seizures.

The daily cocktail of pills taken by Wright leaves her with cognitive delays, says her mom, Dana Haddox-Wright.

Parents are lobbying for children to have access to medical marijuana because studies have suggested that it can ease symptoms of epilepsy.

On Tuesday, a key state committee approved a bill to allow children access to the drug, but some lawmakers and doctors are concerned about the lack of firm data related to cannabis use and its effect on children.

Haddox-Wright says that medical marijuana could possibly lead to her daughter having a normal life.

Protections in the bill include having two doctors sign off on a child receiving medical marijuana, and only kids with a "debilitating medical condition" can qualify.

The General Assembly has one week left to pass the legislation this year.