BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport kindergarten teacher faces charges for allegedly making a 5-year-old student eat from the garbage.

The teacher, Anne O'Donnell, allegedly made the boy eat a banana from the garbage on March 12. O'Donnell is charged with risk of injury to a minor. According to O'Donnell's attorney, Robert Burke, the judge granted continuance in the case Monday morning.

The boy's parents, Narado and LaToya, who asked to withhold their last name, met with local NAACP leaders Monday night at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church to discuss how the school district has handled the incident. LaToya says the district did not honor her request to have her son placed in a different school or different classroom within Park City Magnet School.

"If this was Fairfield, the teacher would be fired on the spot. I'm sure. There's no doubt in my mind," LaToya says.

The parents say their son is now anxious about going to school and complains of his peers teasing him about eating from the trash.

A spokeswoman from the Bridgeport School District says the investigation is ongoing. O'Donnell is due back at Bridgeport Superior Court April 20.