STRATFORD - A fight over who owns the parking lot at Long Beach West has a deal potentially worth $10 million in jeopardy.

Stratford Mayor Jim Miron says his town owns the parking lot, and therefore can complete a deal with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A deal, he says, that would benefit the town as the service could make improvements the town couldn't afford. Miron adds that the town could use the $10 million to put in a trust for future projects.

One local resident, however, says he has written evidence that the parking lot next to the beach belongs to Grabeski Airport, therefore Bridgeport owns the parking lot, making a sale less likely.

Miron insists that there's more to the parking lot dispute than on the surface.

"Like anything, if you only look at part of the facts, part of the information, then you're only going to have part of the story," he says.

The final public hearing on the matter is slated for early July.