BRIDGEPORT - Families across southwestern Connecticut that lost loved ones on September 11 are reflecting on the tragedy as the official memorial museum prepares to open its doors in New York City.

Fairfield resident Patty Lewis says her husband, Adam, worked in the South Tower of the World Trade Center and could not escape the building on 9/11.  After his passing, Lewis opened a preschool in Bridgeport in his honor.

She says the mission of Adam J. Lewis Preschool reflects her husband's life legacy of perseverance. Lewis says her husband grew up appreciating the sports scholarship opportunities given to him in school, which allowed him to pursue higher education.

After 13 years without him and the grand opening of the memorial museum finally here, Lewis is looking forward to taking a trip to New York City with her four children. Lewis says the trip to the museum will have to wait until her youngest child comes home from boarding school in two weeks.