STAMFORD - Another Connecticut driver is fuming at the Department of Motor Vehicles for a breakdown in its system.

Paul Tirpack, of Stamford, says he's been on foot since October because police incorrectly identified his car as unregistered.

As a result, he's facing towing fees, which he refuses to pay.

News 12 has previously reported that the DMV has taken responsibility for slew of data errors.

A police officer told Tirpack that his registration had been suspended before confiscating his car, Tirpack says, but he maintains that he paid the $200 renewal fee well ahead of the April expiration date.

The DMV says it has a backlog of paperwork, and has apologized for wrongful tickets.

"This is a major inconvenience for me, and I shouldn't have to deal with this," Tirpack says.

He says he plans to resolve the issue at a Jan. 19 appearance in Norwalk Traffic Court.

The DMV says people who received wrongful tickets could see their fines or towing-related fees refunded.