NORWALK - The owner of a Norwalk pet store today credited modern technology with helping police recover the $3,800 puppy stolen from his shop this week.The English Bulldog was stolen from Puppies of Westport after a man tried to buy it with a phony credit card, police say. The dog was found in West Haven yesterday, locked in a cage on the balcony of an apartment. The store's owner says an implanted microchip is a big reason why the dog was recovered. Police say anonymous tips led them to the puppy, but the chip confirmed they had the right dog.Vets say the message to pet owners is to get all pets chipped before it is too late. Vet Debra Byazit says chip technology will likely develop even further. She told News 12 Connecticut, "I would bet someone will make a GPS so small it will fit into the microchip." Meanwhile, the people at Puppies of Westport say the recovered puppy is not currently for sale.Stolen Norwalk pooch has happy homecomingPolice try to reign in Westport pooch snatcher