NORWALK - Connecticut's secretary of the state is proposing a plan to make it easier for residents to vote.

The proposal would automatically register anyone who does business with the DMV.

"It is more of an opt-out system in the sense that you have to affirmatively say 'I don't want to register at this time,'" says Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

Supporters of the proposal think it could register 400,000 new voters.

"The unemployed, young people and renters are the folks who are the least likely to engage," says Cheri Quickmire, of Common Cause Connecticut.

However, critics have concerns about those who are not citizens being able to vote.

"If the process is automatic, they might be issued a voter registration or registered as a voter without actually being eligible to vote," says Rep. Gail Lavielle.

The secretary's office says that non-citizen licenses are classified differently and don't interact with the online voter system.